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    "Mounica is a masterful coach, always challenges me to think deeper." -- Ebony



    I help emerging and experienced managers in tech to fast-track their careers and build stronger teams, all with life balance. I write about how learning to lead from the inside-out results in faster career growth.

    Having undergone a lot of transformation and development myself from a life of adversity, I am passionate about helping techies embody leadership, whether they are a seasoned leader or not. I guide people to transform their inner landscape into a stance of leadership to get the outside results: the promotion, the better project, and the better title.

    I write to generate insight, pull you out of your comfort zone, and mess with your thinking.

    I have worked in Microsoft for some years before discovering coaching as a profession. I am a mom to an active 3-year-old, a lover of Guac and Chips, and a huge fantasy-fiction nerd (hey, Harry Potter fans!).